Delhi Institute of Fire Engineering

Trained Manpower

We are conducting Fire and Industrial Safety Management Courses for Directorate General Resettlement (DGR), Ministry of Defence (MOD).Mostly, Personal below Officers Rank and a few Non-commissioned officers belonging to all the three services under Ministry of Defence, namely, Army, Navy & Air force who have completed 20 to 25 Years of active service and are about to retire are detailed for this course.

The above mentioned course prepares these disciplined men with vast experience and skills in safety and security to take up employment in Public /Private sector enterprises, which would in the long run help building a more strong and prosperous Nation. It needs no emphasis that the Armed Forces of nation inculcates and maintains highest degree of Discipline, Integrity and Morale which prepare the men in uniform to the level of self actualization where in the sacrifice even their lives in the Battlefield. Such level of motivation and selflessness can only very rarely found in people who come from the general strata.

Therefore, it is most appropriate and beneficial to the Industries/Organizations that in the field of Fire and Industrial Safety Management the services of those JCOs and NCOs who have put in long years of service in the Armed Forces of the nation and who have qualified the above mentioned course be gainfully utilized by the Public/Private sector enterprises, as in this field, no better manpower with the experience, discipline, dedication and skill can be found outside.


Fire Operator

Fire Technician

Fire/Safety Supervisor

Fire/Safety Officer are available