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Delhi Institute of Fire Engineering
Staff Profile - Visiting/ Guest Faculty

Brig Satish Malik, a graduate from Delhi University B.A. (English) was commissioned into the Indian Army in 1973. He retired from active service in Mar 2009 after completion of 36 years of service.

The Veteran Officer has served in nearly all parts of the country and taken part in all operations since commissioning, particularly fighting Insurgency in North East, Punjab and J&K.

Trained by the Israelis, he is instrumental in raising the elite 51 Special Action Group (SAG) of National Security Guard (NSG), Marine Commandos of Indian Navy, and Mahila Force of CRPF in 1988. He has the credit and experience of executing many Counter Terrorism Operations and Hostage Rescue Missions leading 51 SAG.

He is masters in Computer Application, and MBA in HRD, Finance, Work study and Defence Management. A trained Negotiator and Interrogator, he is also qualified in Media Management and Industrial Security and Labour Law, All from premier institutes.

A trained Paratrooper, Sky and Deep Sea Diver, he has been Instructor at Commando Wing Belgaum, Officers Training Academy Chennai and Indian Military Academy Dehradun.

He commanded his Company, Battalion and subsequently Brigade Group all in Counter Insurgency/ Terrorism environment.

He was involved in initiating a nation-wide health scheme for the ex-servicemen (veterans). The scheme involved managing a staff of over 3500 personnel, covering 341 locations, controlling over 1300 empanelled medical facilities and judiciously utilising yearly budget of INR 12 billion. After superannuation from the Army, since Mar 2009, he led a Security consultancy Company for two and half years. His main areas of operations here were security consultancy, auditing, risk and threat analysis and training.

The Veteran officer possesses a vast knowledge of latest weapon systems, security gadgets, and telecommunications and procurement procedures of the same by the Govt. agencies and maintains good relations with concerned appointments in various departments.

A prolific writer on matters security; his many articles and papers have been published by leading journals.

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