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Delhi Institute of Fire Engineering
Safety Auditors
Dr. H S Kaparwan back

Work Profile and achievement

After a short tenure as lecturer in DBS College, Dehradun (One & half year) joined as scientist in DRDO in 1969, in the Centre for Environment, Explosive and Fire Safety DRDO New Delhi. 1991 onward DRDO sponsored him to work for United Nations Environment Programme in various technical committees on stratospheric Ozone Layer Protection and UNDP for identification, development and adoption of materials and technologies for phase out Ozone Depleting substances specially Halon. From UNEP, technical option committee, he was nominated for Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (I.P.C.C.) in the year 2001.

Committee worked on reduction of emissions of Ozone depleting substances and green house gases. Working on Global Climate system, Mr. Kaprwan was lead author for preparation of IPCC, assessment report 2007 in Fire Protection Chapter.

During this period, he was associated with studies related to the processes and chemicals that are Ozone Depleting and green house gases and bring atmospheric changes.

Working Experience

Joined DRDO, Ministry of Defense CFEES (Centre for Environment Explosive and Fire Safety) in 1968 and continued till July 2004 with following nature of job:

  1. Research, development and training in the field of fire extinguishants (Foams, Powder, Water, Gaseous agents, Halon and Halon substitutes etc.)
  2. Research, development and training in fire extinguishers and extinguishing systems (inert gases, Co2 systems, water sprinklers, water mist, Halon and Halon alternative.)
  3. Research, development and training on specialized fire protection systems for use of military applications (tanks, aircrafts, explosive etc.)
  4. Training – Basic, advance and specialized fire pro training to Armed Forces personnel.
  5. Training on Advanced Fire Protection Systems by UN Agencies, Home Ministry and National Fire Service College etc.
Member and Associations:
  • Member – Institute of Fire Engineers.
  • Member – Loss Prevention Association of India.
  • Member – National Safety Council of India.
  • Member – UNEP, Halon Technical Option Committee since 1991.
  • Member – Convener to Beauro of Indian Standard Fire Protection Standard Technical Committee.
  • Member – Inter Governmental Panel of Climatic Change(IPCC).
Relevant Experience and Awards
  • He is performing National Consultant Halon sector for various UN agencies
  • Implementing, MLF funded project both investment and institutional strengthening for last over 15 years such as UNDP, World Bank, UNOPS, UNEP IEPAC(DTIE), and of MLF and Co-ordinators between ozone unit and various concerned Ministries Civil and Defense Depts., industry, Beauro of Indian Standard, Insurance, standing Fire Advisory council, Fire Fighting equipment manufacturing Industry association etc.

    As a result of above programme India is able to reduce dependence on Halon and the consumption reduced from 3700 ODP tons in 1991 to 125 ODP tons in 2002. Over 100 Fire Fighting companies switched over to Halon Alternatives. Two stopped Halon manufacture. Export/Import of Halon is restricted only for essential/eritical uses, Halon Bank Management and recycling programme has been establish in India after which no new Halon will be allowed to be imported and used.

  • He is member of UNEP, Halon Technical Option Committee since 1993, and member of sub-committees for drafting following chapters in TOC reports every year.
  • Chapter on special situation of Art 5(i) countries.
  • Chapter on Halon uses and replacement in Military sector.
  • Halon Management programme implementation of the Montreal Protocol.
  • He is recipient of President Medal for Meritorious services in DRDO 1997.
  • UNEP award 1994-95 Ozone Layer Protection.
  • USEPA award for Halon Banking.
  • Australian and Canadian Govt. Dept. of Environment and Heritage appreciation for Halon Banking.
  • Prime Minister Recognition for Contribution to IPCC work on Climate Change.
  • United Nations Environment Programme appreciation for IPCC work.

IPCC Award “Nobel Peace Prize” for 2007.

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