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Delhi Institute of Fire Engineering
About DIFE

First Aid Fire Protection is all about " Rightly Trained Fire Fighter behind the Right type of Equipment at the Right Time" which can extinguish fire in its incipient stage and prevent it from growing into devastating inferno. If we ignore this it will be at our own peril.

DIFE is the only institute in North India which imparts organized Fire & Industrial Safety Training and is affiliated with the Board of Technical Education, Government of NCT, Delhi. DIFE is being run by the NGO “Defence Officers' Society for Fire Prevention and Disaster Management” duly registered with Registrar of Co-operative Societies under Societies Registration Act XXI Of 1986.

The DIFE is easily accessible and is located in the vicinity of Asia’s biggest and largest sub city of Dwarka comprising of high-rise buildings which provide a realistic training ground for the students for carrying out mock Fire Safety/Rescue drills. The DIFE is having dedicated training team of professionals comprising Defence Officers, Fire Scientists / Engineers and Fire Experts who boast of knowing Fire from " Womb to Tomb".

Introduction to New Fire Fighting Technology

Besides being other factors the major role of education is to help a person in getting proper employment in the area of his interest and become financially independent and serve the society in general with his educational qualification and experience achieved during his job. The conventional methods of enquiring education have become redundant and obsolete which are of very little importance in the modern time of technological and scientific progress.

The world has made tremendous technological / scientific progress in past two decades and has placed human being at such a height of the progress which is unparalleled in the recent history of human being. This technological and scientific progress as opened lots many branches / disciplines and faculties in the field of technical education and one of them is fire engineering and technology which has emerged as a very important branch of technical education. Hitherto, fire engineering education was an ignored field in our country and very few people used to adopt fire engineering as a career. But recent technological and scientific advancement has forced the human being to be more serious and aware to preserve and safe guard its inventions in the field of technological / scientific progress.

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