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Delhi Institute of Fire Engineering
Welcome to Delhi Institute of Fire Engineering

Fire is known to mankind from the days of inception of life on the surface of earth. It has got a very vital role in the existence of our life. From the very beginning fire has been a good servant but a bad master. As per our Hindu mythology fire is one of five basic natural elements (Fire, Space, Earth Water and Air) responsible for the existence and identification of living beings. Apart from this, fire is most essentials and inseparable part of our life, needed in fulfilling our daily needs.

Our Industries, Factories, Power Plants and all developing facilities are entirely dependent upon fire (heat/energy) in one way or the other. If the fire is removed from these activities, every thing will come to standstill. This is the positive and friendly role of the fire in the life of human beings, but there is another side of the coin as well. If proper attention and care is not exercised, then the fire becomes our vicious enemy. An adequate attention and set drill of precautions are required to be taken to tame the fire as a best friend of the mankind.

As our country has developed multidirectional and proportionately in the fields of socio-economy, technology and science, the danger of the fire has also increased manifolds. Every day, we witness front page news of fire accidents of difference magnitudes in the news papers which is self explanatory story of our ignorance and callousness attitude towards fire prevention and safety education. more..

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